Free Face Masks Distribution – Office of the Pasay City Prosecutor

IBP-PPLM Chapter President Florante Legaspi Jr, Vice-President Danny Gapasin Jr. and Prosecutor Filipina “RP” Ribaya Geronimo (Former IBP-PPLM Director) distributes free face masks to all the prosecutors of Pasay City. Chief City Prosecutor Elmer Cris Rillo receives the face masks on behalf of all the prosecutors.

HONORING HEROES August 31, 2020

As we enjoy an official holiday to recall the sacrifice and the greatness of our national heroes, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines remembers the many judges, prosecutors, government and private lawyers who were killed or harmed because they were doing their sworn duty. The fact that quite a number of such cases remain unsolved […]


  REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT? The Integrated Bar of the Philippines is duty-bound to uphold the Constitution, safeguard the rights and freedoms guaranteed therein, and promote the policies, principles, and processes prescribed by it. A revolutionary government is repugnant to constitutionalism. It should be discouraged and denounced, as we do now. There is no legal, factual, practical […]

Lawyers For Lawyers Project

As part of the IBP-PPLM Chapter’s contribution to the Anti-Covid 19 efforts, the chapter distributes for free to chapter lawyer-members anti-virus, water-resistant and washable face mask. The chapter also refills (hand-carried bottles) for free to lawyers, isoprophyl alcohol sanitizer. To avail, please coordinate with Vice-President Danny Gapasin Jr. at the IBP-Paranaque Office. Stay safe and […]